martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

Conejo en break

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Sandra Brandstätter dijo...

hello alfredo,
the picures from "sketchbook vacational" are lovely. Is that how you spend your freetime?

**kadannek** dijo...

jajaja, un conejo con mucho estilo.
Me agrada mucho como se ve su pelaje.

Michelle dijo...

" Bunch of jerk-offs" is " watt" the blogs all say.
And it really is true.
Al - Fred- Rick- Ed- along with Ace " cull" and" kill"?
I wonder how many " bottles" of ketchup will be " sold" after the movie : " Kansas Kings"?

Alfredo dijo...

Sandra: yeah thats how! i really like drawing with a graphite pencil